Up to 4 laps in an out of this world setting

Saturday, November 11th, 2023 at 8:00 AM

This page was updated at 8:45am, Sunday, November 13th 2022. The 2023 date is final and ready to go on your calendar

The 2022 event was a success. Results are available on webscorer, but Roger Squires won with a time of 7:00:01, Spencer Briggs came in second, Cliff Matthews third and last but not least, making his ultra debug, John Dahl came in fourth. Welcome, John!

If you have a device that you can upload a GPX file to, I suggest you do so with the WMFA50k GPX file.

White Ridge Bike Trails

out of date Facebook page for reference: https://www.facebook.com/events/1842101656087925/

White Ridge Bike Trails – San Ysidro, NM

BLM Info

It’s an unsupported, unmarked, free, fat ass style ultramarathon trail fun run at the White Mesa bike trails near San Ysidro.  It is about a 45 minute drive from ABQ.

White Mesa contains some of the most unusual and spectacular scenery in New Mexico.  The course is absolutely crazy.

Course: 4 loops for the 50k. There’s no 64k this year. Every trail intersection has a detailed map and location marker so it is very easy to navigate.  Loops 1 and 3 are clockwise, loops 2 and 4 are counter clockwise.  The map below shows the sequence of markers (as we found out in 2010, the mileage is not correct on the map).  Just follow the trail and you will be ok.  Each loop, you will record your time on a clip board.  You will have access to your car at the end of each loop.  You can also do a shorter combination of loops for a marathon, half marathon, or other distance.

You can register by leaving a comment below, or just show up and run.  Just remember, you are completely responsible and liable for yourself.

Course Records

1       Travis McWhorter    5:09 (2016)

2       Steven Rodgers        5:14

3       Marco Zuniga          5:22  (2014)

23 Responses to “White Mesa 50k”

  1. Karen Ray said

    Could you please provide an exact address. I am new in town and I have a terrible time with directions. I’ll try Mapquest. Thank you!

  2. Perky said

    @Karen, get off I-25 at the Placitas/Bernalillo exit. Go through Bernalillo. Keep going (it seems like forever) through the construction zone (they were resurfacing the road when we went the other week). The turn for White Mesa/Ojito Wilderness is just after the natural gas refinery (looks like a whole bunch of grey tanks with vent stacks). The dirt road is just after that. Once you turn on the dirt road, stay to the left to Ojito Wilderness. If you go on the right fork you end up at the White Mesa Mines and someone will be there to let you know you’ve just trespassed. You’ll pass one minimal parking lot on your left. The one you want is a little bit farther and it LOOKS like a forest service-type parking lot. NOTE: no potties out there. Hit the McDonalds in Bernalillo on your way out for any substantial deposits.

  3. Perky said


    Here is a link to the pictures I took. They were only taken on the first loop. That was when optimism was at its prime!


  4. […] the rugged and remote terrain in San Ysidro, New Mexico, 25 spunky trail runners ran in the White Mesa FA Trail Run. Runners ran on the White Mesa Bike trails that contain a variety of gnarly terrain and […]

  5. Hey Mark Jones & I did the FULL 50k run as well. My phone died so I didn’t get our results from ‘Map my Run’. Which I truly regret. But we were out there when the sun went down. Had lots of fun!!

    Carma Harvey
    7-8 hours

  6. cooperkel said


  7. ctmnm said

    Oh, sweet. The new date allows me to start my BMDM training a week earlier. Thanks!

  8. Kelly Gallagher said

    Would love to join y’all! And, I promise to not die during the run…

  9. victor kipkoech said

    Hello sir/madam!
    i’m a Kenyan and i’m athlete best time in 10km 29mins, 15km 45mins, 21km 65mins and I don’t have Coach here in Kenya,
    And I get your information that you’re organising 50km race in your country, I request you to sponsored me airticket to come and participated in 50km race i’m ready to run and finish well,
    please I request you to help me I don’t have any support I come from a poor family in Kenya and I love my parents so much.
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    nationality: Kenya
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    gender: male
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    please I request you to send me full invitation letter for race, please help me.
    Thank you

  10. Jason said

    I’d like to go out and do this. Any idea what the elevation gain/loss is for this route?

  11. Hi – I am excited to join in but am coaching a youth team practice that same morning and will have to start a bit late, probably run 2 loops. Looking forward to some fun out there!
    p.s. I have been told there is a 50k in the Bosque 11/26 but don’t see this listed on the series website. Is this happening?

  12. ctmnm said

    Looking forward to seeing everyone Saturday!

    Although the Facebook link at the top hasn’t been updated, this event is happening and is always awesome.

  13. ctmnm said

    FWIW, this event is happening this year on Saturday, November 12th. There may be exceedingly few participants though …

  14. ctmnm said

    I’ve posted results and finalized the date for 2023. It is two weeks after the Javelina Jundred, and presumably one week after the Deadman Peaks Trail Run: November 11th, 2023. Thanks, all!

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