1/1/2020  at 8:00 am

Start at 3815 Zion Ct NE (Tramway & Montgomery) *** NOTE THE NEW ADDRESS ***

Here’s the basic course —

Start by at 3815 Zion Ct, run up Linear Trail to Menaul Trailhead then off to the Southern part of the Foothills trail on 401 to the missile cactus area then loop back on the upper trails (365).  There will be a water stop (we’ll also cart gear bags) at the Indian School Trailhead.

You’ll run to Embudito with an aid station at Geoff’s house on the way.  Then off to the Northern portion on the upper open space trail (342/341) to Domingo Baca (230) and down to the 365 & on North-ish to the base of the tram.  There are excellent flush-toilets and water.

Then return using the 365 trail back to my house.

We’ll have the BBQ set up.  Please feel free to bring pot-lucky things to share after.

Complete 50k course map:


Southern section map:


Northern section map:


Course records:

1 Steven Rodgers 4:54 2016
2 Jason Taylor 4:56 2013
3 Bryce Montano 5:22 2017

22 Responses to “Foothills 50k”

  1. Roger Squires said

    Quick race report: Decided to wear the asics piranhas despite worrying about possible achilles twinges, which didn’t occur. Minimal shoes work well on this course, with the firm sand and few sharp rocks to deal with. The finishing downhill was especially enjoyable in these shoes, and I have reduced itb & hipflexor pains when using them.

    Carried nothing from the start, picking up a 2L backpack from the car at Embudito, then swapping it for 2 bottles on the way back, all filled with some leftover perpetuum.

    The course marking was exemplary. Maybe twice I took a wrong turn, and immediately turned back when I didn’t see a marker. Perky will spend 16+ hours marking and unmarking for this race, and it was worth it! She and her husband made these fatass runs the enjoyable experiences they are.

    If you didn’t do the northern portion of the course, it wasn’t bad, the sandy mud and snow sections just increased the variety, and I didn’t have any issues worth mentioning, besides wet feet 🙂

    I kept expecting to be passed somewhere North of Pino, but hitting the tram station right at 5hrs, it was only on the way back up that I saw Brian coming down. I knew he was going to catch me, and once 365 leveled out picked up the pace to delay the inevitable. Still felt good on the finishing downhill, which has just the right pitch to keep up a fast pace.

    A seat, a cold recovery drink, and a freshly-cooked burger provided by our wonderful hosts later, I left, custom finishing prize in hand, and no injuries. A good day!

  2. cooperkel said

    FINALLY!!! Uploaded the photos. Sorry, I only got the Southern half…I couldn’t figure out a way to recharge the battery while I was running. DOH!!


    Jim will put the results up on Ultrasignup after he gets home, reads backed up email, airs out the house, does laundry, digs through the mounds of snail mail, clears out voicemail messages, preps for the upcoming PLACITAS 50K and CEDRO PEAK!!

  3. […] year, 14 spunky trail running souls enjoyed a day on the Albuquerque, New Mexico trails for the Foothills 50 km FA trail run. Sections of trail were a bit moist but not sticky. Wet feet were a possibility along with sections […]

  4. cooperkel said

    Here are some pictures from course marking today. South side was pretty good — almost totally clear. N side was slick and lots of it was still snow-covered and icy. You might think about bringing some sort of traction device.


  5. […] NM to battle it out in the second race of the 2012-2013 Albuquerque Fat Ass 50k series – the Foothills Fat Ass 50k on New Year’s Day. Your beloved Endurance Buzz contributors had trained hard all year and were […]

  6. rmsquires said

    Another glorious day in the foothills! Thanks again Perky & Joaquin, for letting us enjoy this again

  7. rmsquires said

    Oh I should enter new replies at the bottom I guess? Another glorious day in the foothills! Thanks again Perky & Joaquin, for letting us enjoy this again!

  8. rjhabq said

    Hi, Perky and Joaquin. I plan to be there for the 2016 running (well, walk/jogging for me). I may actually be getting familiar enough with the foothills trails that I may be able to stay on course this year.

    Thanks for organizing this once again.


  9. Rosielle Williams said

    How do I register?

  10. zenia begay said

    Is there a cutoff time?Also where do I sign up at?,

    • cooperkel said

      There is no real cutoff. I’ll be sitting in my driveway with a fire pit going, drinking adult beverages, and swapping ghost stories. I’ll be there until you get done. If you think it will take longer than 12 hours, I’d like to swap phone numbers with you on race day so I can make sure you’re healthy.

  11. cooperkel said

    2016 trail conditions:
    We marked the Southern half today. There is still quite a bit of snow but it hasn’t started melting in the shady spots so it is extremely runnable. There were patches of ice but it was in the sunny sections and I could run around them on dirt. As the day wore on the trail conditions got muddy.

    Race day is supposed to be 25 degrees just about all day if wunderground is telling the truth. That means mud won’t be an issue.

  12. ndultrarunner said

    Looking forward to the run tomorrow.

  13. Jason said

    Is there a map of the course, and/or will the course also be marked?

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