10 laps around Albuquerque Academy

This page was last edited on Thursday, December 29th, 2022.

This event happened in 2022, although in an exceedingly low-key manner. Our usual hostess and host were unavailable, so Cliff Matthews was the “race director”. Almost nothing was provided and we had to park where we parked in 2021, which was in front of the locked gate closest to Academy. This event will be held in 2023, on Friday, September 22nd. I’ll update this page as the event gets closer.

The results are now up on Webscorer.

Cliff’s race report is available as one of his vanity pages.

AA50K is an endurance get-together that consists of ten laps around Albuquerque Academy.  It is open to anyone, although it may be particularly attractive to beginning ultra-runners who want to get some experience doing a night run in familiar territory.

People who want to do less than ten laps are welcome.  Although ten laps is a 50K, eight laps is a marathon.  One lap is a 5K and two laps is a 10K.

Walkers are welcome.  Relay teams are also welcome.

The event begins and ends where we’ll park, which is in front of the locked gate on Ventura, closest to Academy. This is a new start location for 2022. The first, and all odd laps will run clockwise as viewed from above (i.e., you will start running south on the path that parallels Ventura).  The second, and all even laps will run counter-clockwise.  There will be a clipboard so that you can keep track of your laps.

This is a “fat-ass” event, meaning it is self-supported.  There will be no aid stations and there are no porta-potties.  The McDonalds used to be open until 12:30am (and may still be), so you may want to bring some cash so you can buy something and relieve yourself before they close.

Please bring a flashlight or headlamp.

Please do not Park in the Hoffmantown Church parking lot near the old start/finish. Instead, park in front of the locked gate on Ventura, closest to Academy.

22 Responses to “AA50k”

  1. cooperkel said

    place first last age state gender time city bib Miles
    1 Greg Henneman 46 NM M 35:22.0 Albuquerque 3.3
    2 Claudia Pratesi 48 NM F 37:15.0 Albuquerque 1391 3.3
    3 Nicola Collins 31 NM F 45:00.0 Tijeras 11 3.3
    4 Jon Phillips 37 NM M 45:00.0 Tijeras 12 3.3
    5 Margaret Matthews 8 NM F 56:00.0 Albuquerque 1393 3.3
    6 Iris Matthews 8 NM F 56:00.0 Albuquerque 1396 3.3

    1 Beth Davenport 52 NM F 35:45.0 Santa Fe 1381 6.6
    2 Olivia Medina 30 NM F 1:04:00 Albuquerque 7 6.6
    3 Mike Hasselbeck 54 NM M 1:04:00 Albuquerque 4 6.6
    4 Shana McDermott 29 NM F 1:10:00 Albuquerque 3 6.6
    5 Juliana Astrachan 46 NM F 1:40:00 Albuquerque 1348 6.6
    6 Lisa Nelson 49 NM F Albuquerque 14 6.6
    7 Damon Nelson 49 NM M Albuquerque 15 6.6
    6 Danny Messex 42 NM M Rio Rancho 6 6.6

    1 Brian Pilgrim 46 NM M 1:47:43 Albuquerque 1390 9.9
    2 Ayesha Sundram 33 NM F 1:57:00 Albuquerque 9 9.9
    3 Stephanie Maez 33 NM F 1:57:00 Albuquerque 10 9.9
    4 Matt Rogers 50 NM M Albuquerque 1389 9.9

    1 Alejandro Medina 32 NM M 2:48:16 Albuquerque 1383 13.2
    2 Misty Pilgrim 48 NM F Albuquerque 1400 13.2

    1 Neil Galvez 27 NM M 2:43:00 Albuquerque 1350 16.5
    2 Joel Gonzalez 30 NM M 2:54:00 Albuquerque 1384 16.5
    3 Martha Porter 43 NM F Albuquerque 1399 16.5

    1 Michelle Underwood 46 FL F 3:31:00 Mirimar Beach 1377 19.8
    2 Jen Ogden 36 NM F 4:55:00 Albuquerque 16 19.8

    1 Dan Collins 37 NM M 4:02:47 Albuquerque 5 23.1

    1 Jim Breyfogle 31 NM M 4:25:00 Rio Rancho 1394 26.4
    2 Richard Harris 73 NM M 7:22:48 Albuquerque 1382 26.4

    1 Mark Werkmeister 52 NM M 5:43:00 Rio Rancho 1385 29.7
    2 Kelley Garcia 47 NM F 8:17:23 Albuquerque 8 29.7

    1 Erin Churchill 32 NM F 5:36:58 Rio Rancho 1395 33
    2 Chris McElveny 41 NM M 6:10:00 Albuquerque 1379 33
    3 Scott Sallberg 47 NM M 6:23:00 Albuquerque 1388 33
    4 Jeff Edgar 47 NM M 6:28:49 Albuquerque 1387 33
    5 Cliff Matthews 50 NM M 7:44:18 Albuquerque 1397 33
    6 Kathy Kirsling 64 NM F 7:50:32 Tijeras 1385 33


    Hi, Kelly. I’m going to miss this year’s AA 50K; Mary and I will be out of the country that weekend. Best wishes for another great, well organized event.

    Dick Harris

  3. rmsquires said

    McDonald’s restaurant hours close at 10pm

  4. ctmnm said

    This is just a ping to remind anyone who is subscribed to updates that this event will indeed be happening on Friday.

  5. ctmnm said

    I’m not on Facebook, so I can’t RSVP there, but Margaret and I will be there this year. Looking forward to it! Thank you for putting it on.

    • cooperkel said

      Great! Just know this will not be a normal year (duh). W have not been invited to park inside Hoffmantown. You can park there as an individual butt I will not be setting up a group thing.
      I will be running it this year and will not be keeping formal results. You can email you results, text them, post here or post on fb. I’ll compile them in webscorer (because I already paid the subscription for the year).
      See you out there!!

  6. Ross Pynes said

    Where do I register/pay to join?

  7. cooperkel said

    NOTE TO ALL: I’m changing to 7pm tonight. Please be aware that this is a Balloon Fiesta Park & Ride location. Our usual spot will be overrun with buses. Look for me. I’ll have my table set out at 645pm.

    • ctmnm said

      Oh my. I’ll try to make it, but I don’t know that I’ll be able to get the word out to everyone else.

      It’s the twins’ birthday and also the day of our crew party which is on the other side of the river. In theory I can show up at the party as early as 4pm, so I’ll try to head over there early then get back here for it, but I’ll probably also show up tomorrow before 8pm and see if anyone shows up.

    • ctmnm said

      I just got clarification, the only thing that has changed is the starting *TIME*, NOT THE DATE. So, it’s still Friday, October 8th, just that the “official” start time is 7pm and not 8pm. I’ll spread the corrected word. I’ll see everyone out there tomorrow.

      • cooperkel said

        DAMN! There is a short circuit between the chair and the keyboard. The date and time listed at the top of the page are correct (THANKS CLIFF!!). Friday night at 7pm.

        The Park & Ride event still stands, however. Balloon Glow traffic.

      • Richard J. Harris said

        Hi, Kelly. Thanks so much for organizing the AA FA 50 once again. I was looking forward to making this my “long” walk for this weekend, but some medical problems (including a hernia acting up that will require surgery) that reached a head yesterday make that risky for me and would have been an imposition on you and the volunteer crew. Next year, maybe? I hope you have a good turnout despite competing with the Balloon Fiesta Park & Ride crowd.
        Dick Harris

      • cooperkel said

        We’ll miss you! Wishing you good health!

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