Saturday,  11/8/2014 at 8:00am

White Mesa Bike Trails – San Ysidro, NM

BLM Info

It’s an unsupported, unmarked, free, fat ass style ultramarathon trail fun run at the White Mesa bike trails near San Ysidro.  It is about a 45 minute drive from ABQ.

White Mesa contains some of the most unusual and spectacular scenery in New Mexico.  The course is absolutely crazy.

Course: 4 loops for the 50k. There’s no 64k this year. Every trail intersection has a detailed map and location marker so it is very easy to navigate.  Loops 1 and 3 are clockwise, loops 2 and 4 are counter clockwise.  The map below shows the sequence of markers (as we found out in 2010, the mileage is not correct on the map).  Just follow the trail and you will be ok.  Each loop, you will record your time on a clip board.  You will have access to your car at the end of each loop.  You can also do a shorter combination of loops for a marathon, half marathon, or other distance.


You can register by leaving a comment below, or just show up and run.  Just remember, you are completely responsible and liable for yourself.

Course Records

1 Clifton Trujillo 5:54
1 Adam Steidler 5:54
2 Chris McElveny 5:55
3 James Breyfogle 5:56

79 Responses to “2014 White Mesa 50k”

  1. gene bruckert said

    sounds like a fun day. hope to be there.

  2. Peter said

    It is meet, right, and proper that my first NM ultra is a FA. Looking forward to it.

    Inbound from WDC,


  3. Danny said

    Do not underestimate this course.It is brutal hell and the most extreme running I have done. It is either up or down, with little in the way of flat ground. I ran out today,clockwise,made it to where the trail splits from red to blue. I took the blue trail,and was just hoping to make it back with enough water.The part I did took me 2 hours.

  4. Peter said

    Oh. Lovely. Exactly the sort of inspiring talk that makes all this fun. So I’ll be both O2-deprived AND slowly turning into beef jerky.

  5. Jacob W said

    Hope to see you all there!

  6. Bitahnii said

    Sounds like fun!

  7. Rick Muller said

    Looks incredibly stupid. So count me in!

  8. Crystal said

    Looks awesome! Is there a course time limit?

  9. Perky said

    I’ll be starting early and staying late….thinking of turning this into a 100k. I got talked into something even more stupid in the future and wanted to make sure I can block out the screaming in my head.

    • Peter said

      Wait, Perky, is this your own fatassed version of JJ100? If so, I may wander out as well and might even make up some fatassed buckles.

  10. Perky said

    Yup! That’s the plan. Will this buckle be a piece of cactus covered in rhinestones? That would be just about perfect!! Support Staff has agreed to supply medical attention. But I’m on my own if I’m looking for sympathy.

  11. mstoddard said

    I’m in.

  12. Perky said

    I’m starting the 100k at 9pm on 11/12. Happy Birthday to me!!!

  13. Nick said

    Hoping to make it out there!

  14. Katrin said

    Exactly my idea of a fun day. Will definitely be there.

  15. Beth Davenport said

    I will have to see, I get in kind of late from Charlotte but may swing by for a half. Beth

  16. Perky said

    Dear Jim, I test-ran this course and I’m convinced the devil calls this his summer home. OMG!!! I was going to do this as my first 100k but after the test run I changed my mind. I think I could easily die in the night by falling off a cliff or into a gaping hole filled with unpleasantness. I’ll run Antelope Island as my first 100k then White Mesa as a “recovery” 50k….in the light….using extreme caution.

    That said, we did mark the course with bright yellow duct tape. It is stuck to sign posts (some of the number markers are missing), stuck on rocks, and stuck on dead branches. WOW.

  17. Steve Pero said

    Deb and I and a friend of ours are planning on coming for the fun…

  18. Ross said

    Sounds awesome. I hope to be there for a couple laps.

  19. Richard Harris said

    I plan to do at least a marathon.

    Dick Harris

  20. Karen Ray said

    Could you please provide an exact address. I am new in town and I have a terrible time with directions. I’ll try Mapquest. Thank you!

    • deadmanpeaks50rd said

      There is no address. From Albuquerque, take I-25 north to bernalillo, take 550 west almost to San Ysirdo, jut before san ysidro, there is a brown sign that says “White Mesa Bike Trails, Ojito wilderness” turn left onto that dirt road, go down the dirt road for about 5 miles and the trail head is on the left. There’s a map on the BLM site.

  21. Perky said

    @Karen, get off I-25 at the Placitas/Bernalillo exit. Go through Bernalillo. Keep going (it seems like forever) through the construction zone (they were resurfacing the road when we went the other week). The turn for White Mesa/Ojito Wilderness is just after the natural gas refinery (looks like a whole bunch of grey tanks with vent stacks). The dirt road is just after that. Once you turn on the dirt road, stay to the left to Ojito Wilderness. If you go on the right fork you end up at the White Mesa Mines and someone will be there to let you know you’ve just trespassed. You’ll pass one minimal parking lot on your left. The one you want is a little bit farther and it LOOKS like a forest service-type parking lot. NOTE: no potties out there. Hit the McDonalds in Bernalillo on your way out for any substantial deposits.

  22. karen ray said

    Thank you so much! I’m looking forward to a fun run this weekend!

  23. Neil said


    Looks like I will be out there. See ya Sunday.


  24. Neil Blake said

    Neil and Judy Blake are in

  25. Richard (Dick) Harris said

    What combination gets you to 26.2 miles or 42.2K? If 4 loops = 50K, then the “short out and back” must be 14K (64K – 50K — longer than each of the “full” 12.5K loops). And 3 loops would be 37.5 K, 4.7K short of the marathon. Might it be that the “short out and back” is actually 7K, so that 3 loops plus 1 sob gets you a bit more than a marathon and 64K requires 4 loops + 2 sob’s?

    Dick Harris

  26. Cliff said

    Due to the likelihood of rain later in the day, I’m planning on getting to the race start sometime between 6:00 and 6:30, and to start running the course at 6:30.

    I’m hoping to knock off a couple loops before the rain and wind kick in. I’ll also be bringing some rain gear, a Jet Boil and some food and beverages that I can heat up, to ward off any chill.

    • jeff Vieyra said


      Gene Bruckert and I will be starting early camping at the start…see you then.

      Jeff Vieyra

      • deadmanpeaks50rd said

        after 8 AM, there wll be a clip board with a sign in sheet to record you laps at the trail head. Just record your finishing time, or post it here after the run. I also have some packets and food that will be available from 7:30-8.

  27. Cliff said

    If I really get started at 6:30, I probably won’t get back to my truck by 8:00. So if I don’t see you and you don’t mind, just put my race packet in the bed of my pickup truck. W5CTM is the plate. Thanks!

  28. Cliff said

    BTW, last year my Garmin claimed I traveled (I can’t really say “ran”) 33.36 miles when I did 4 loops. That’s pretty funny that you have a 33 1/3 race to complement your 45.

    OTOH, I got off the course a few times, so I’m sure others will get different distances.

  29. Richard (Dick) Harris said

    Thanks. I’ll shoot for 3 loops + out-and-back to be sure I’ve covered at least a marathon.

  30. Roger Squires said

    I’ll be starting at 7am.


  31. Roger Squires said

    Did two very enjoyable loops, and plan to attend the foothills run — hopefully in better shape!

  32. Steve Pero said

    Thanks Jim…and the aid station guy, I forget your name. Had a blast, my legs are killing me right now!

  33. Beth Davenport said

    Thanks Jim! I had a blast.

  34. Neil said

    Thanks much, Jim!

  35. Loved the course and great people out there. Glad to see everyone out there–I had a blast!

  36. Perky said

    Had a complete BLAST!!! It was fun to wave at everyone out there. Legs are screaming, feet are still on fire, mind is alive with great memories. Thanks! BTW, I have about 100 photos taken during the first loop (when I could still multi-task). Jim, can I give you a CD with the images to upload?

  37. Perky said

    I’d like to publicly thank the amazing aid station person. I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to be married to him. (note, Jim didn’t know about the station — it was an impromptu thing)

    THANKS JOAQUIN!!! You rock!!!

  38. Ross said

    Thanks for organizing this Jim and Joaquin for giving us the 411 upon arrival. This was the first time I have been out to White Mesa and I loved the terrain. Probably would have never gone otherwise. Did 14 miles of easy running and that was plenty! Note to self…never assume the short loop (14k) means easier! Nice climb out of the canyon.

  39. jeff Vieyra said

    Thanks Jim..and Joaquin too of took Gene and I a while to complete the 4 loops, but beautiful scenery. Very nice group of runners…hope to see everyone again..whereever.

    Jeff Vieyra

  40. Perky said

    Here is a link to the pictures I took. They were only taken on the first loop. That was when optimism was at its prime!


  41. Great pictures. Thanks for posting them

  42. [...] the rugged and remote terrain in San Ysidro, New Mexico, 25 spunky trail runners ran in the White Mesa FA Trail Run. Runners ran on the White Mesa Bike trails that contain a variety of gnarly terrain and [...]

  43. cooperkel said

    I’ll be here, too. It will be the first “recovery” run after JJ100. Joy! Sorry, but Prince Charming will not be manning the aid station. He said he’d open the back of the car and have goodies inside but no tent, no chairs, no foot massages, and no kisses (unless he knows you really well).

  44. Beth Davenport said

    I will have to skip this year, I am going to be in OK for Rt 66 that weekend. Beth

  45. Doug T said

    I’m planning to be there!

  46. Cliff said

    Oh my. Jim’s changed the date from the 10th to the 17th. I had both WMFA50K and Rt66 on my calendar. What a dilemma.

  47. rjhabq said

    I plan to be there, doing a marathon-length version.

    Dick Harris

  48. rms said

    Me too, probably will start at 7am again

  49. scott said

    Hey all, we are a couple(or more) from Lake City, CO thinking about coming down for the fun. Just did the Mt Taylor 50k(which was great) and would like to see more of NM. Just how tough is this run and what do you think about some “out of staters” joining in?

    • deadmanpeaks50rd said

      Come on down, we had a couple folks from IL last year. It is an easier course than mount taylor and couldn’t be more different scenery.

  50. gail said

    I’m in for 26 miles.

  51. Travis McWhorter said

    I’m moving to ABQ on the 12th and 13th of Nov and plan on doing this.

  52. Pdiddy said

    I decided this will be my first! It’s my year of firsts including an ironman. See you soon,
    Pdiddy from CT

  53. rms said

    Notes on the Loop #5 out-and-back section:
    Be sure you print out a large copy of the trail map above, and carry it with you — there are a lot of intersections.

    Trail marker #23 is far to the left of the main double-track you start on — looks like they changed their mind on the route — so don’t run to the sign, but wave at it as you go by, then stay left at the very next double-track intersection.

    The area around #21 has a confused assortment of trails. No need to climb the small peak here, but there’s a USGS marker at the top if you do (6061 ft).

    After the descent off the Center Spine, and slow double-track climb to marker #12, don’t miss the small bubbling caldron just off the trail: very pretty. Re-ascending the Center Spine, you’ll see how perforated it is with holes and channels; the whole structure was probably a similar mineral spring built up over time, when the area was wetter (~20k yr?).

    This section is mostly rutted double-track and sandy trail, quite uneven, and took me about an hour. So figure 1.5hr per main loop plus this for a mid-pack jogger.

  54. Steve said

    We’re coming down from Broomfield, CO for the weekend and I’m hoping to get started at 7am. I can catch the sign in sheet after my first loop if that would be kosher? We’re looking forward to the weekend as the scenery looks awesome!

  55. Judy and Neil Blake said

    See you there.

  56. Mark Jones said

    carma harvey and i (mark jones) plan on being there! it’ll be our first fat ass; well you know what i mean

  57. Adam said

    I’m planning to be there for my 1st 50k! Probably join the 7am start group if I can get out of bed in time.

  58. Jim said

    Jim and Meagan are in for a couple loops

  59. Hey Mark Jones & I did the FULL 50k run as well. My phone died so I didn’t get our results from ‘Map my Run’. Which I truly regret. But we were out there when the sun went down. Had lots of fun!!

    Carma Harvey
    7-8 hours

  60. cooperkel said

    Cliff Matthews donated an exceptional door prize. This is going to be so much fun!

  61. rjhabq said

    I’ve got the semi-annual adopted trail cleanup scheduled for 11/9 (8:30 AM), so I’m afraid I’ll miss this running of the White Mesa 50K.

    Dick Harris

  62. Thoer Peterman said

    I will be there

  63. cooperkel said

    Cliff donated a FANTASTIC door prize. Very cool.

  64. Mark said

    Leg is recovering nicely but I won’t re-start my running until this coming Tuesday. So….I will miss this one, hope to make the Jan 1 gig.

  65. thompson b said

    hello to all. is this event happening this year?? thanks. tb

  66. deadmanpeaks50rd said


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